Shea Butter - 500g - Certified Organic Unrefined Pure Natural Raw Grade A

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Main Ingredient :

Shea Butter

Fragrance Name :

Fragrance Free

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Vitamin Content :

Vitamins A, E and F

Grade :

Grade A

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Ingredients :

Shea Butter

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Volume :

100 ml

Shape :

Shea Butter

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a:7:{i:0;s:4:"Legs";i:1;s:4:"Arms";i:2;s:4:"Lips";i:3;s:4:"Feet";i:4;s:4:"Face";i:5;s:9:"Full Body";i:6;s:5:"Hands";}

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What the Seller Says

Shea Butter - 500g Unrefined, Organic, Raw, Pure and Natural What is shea butter? Shea butter is a solid oil, pressed from the sheanut which grows on the shea tree. Produced in Ghana, our shea butter is organic and wild harvested. Shea butter is solid but soft at room temperature, it melts at body temperature so shea butter can easily be softened by rubbing between your fingers, or melted in a pan or microwave Organic unrefined shea butter has not been subjected to any chemical extractions or refining processes, this means that this shea butter is as natural as can be. This also means that none of the vitamins or natural properties of shea butter have been altered or destroyed, as so often happens in refining processes. As this shea butter is organic, you can be sure that the shea trees have not been sprayed with any pesticides, and has less of an impact on the local environment. What will my shea butter look like? As this shea butter is raw unrefined, there is a variation in colours and textures. Organic shea butter can range from grey to yellow, this is caused by seasonal variations in climate and harvest conditions in Ghana. What can I use shea butter for? Shea butter is an absolutely fantastic ingredient for any skin or hair care application. Pure shea butter is intensively moisturising, but gentle at the same time. Shea butter can be used in soap, lotions, hair treatments, skin treatments, body butters, lip balms, and anything you can think of! The only thing this shea butter is not for, is eating. How will my shea butter come packaged? Your shea butter will be packaged in one clear food-grade plastic tub. Why should I use organic, unrefined shea butter? Shea butter is used in almost every shop-bought moisturiser, hand cream, body butter, lip balm and hair treatment. However, shea butter is usually only used at about 5% by total weight, and much much more affect can be gained by using higher percentages. Organic unrefined shea butter is really the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch.