LED Light Photon Face + Neck Mask Rejuvenation Skin Facial Therapy Wrinkle UK

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LED Light Photon Face Neck Mask Rejuvenation Skin Therapy Wrinkles 7 Colors LSFAST DISPATCHGENUINE ITEMUK SELLER Benefits:Eliminate and Heal AcnePrevent Acne BreakoutsFade Age SpotsReduce FrecklesShrink PoresLighten PigmentationRepair WrinklesWhiten the Skin Description:This is the LED mask, led stands for light emitting diode which give off energy in the form of light. These little diodes are compact, durable, powerful, bright, and efficient and are used to kill the bacteria that cause spots. LED mask light therapy also called as photo therapy, which uses of specific wavelengths of light which give off energy that are used in many application. Features: Made with environmental ABS material, non-toxic, odorless, healthy and durable.Helps lighten pigmentation, fade spot, repair skin, deep nutrition.Photo therapy technology, combines 7 colors led light for light treatment of your skin, can thoroughly treat skin so as to regain the young look.Two modes can be chosen: flicker mode and brightness mode.Adjustable macro electronics and working time.Can effectively diminish wrinkles and sagging, shrink pores, improve oily skin, fade spot, as a result of achieving the white, tender, elastic and young skin.The mask follows the face contour for a comfortable and suitable wear.Comes with a neck mask and controller.No operation, no needle, safe and quick treatment and protection of skin.Suitable for all skin type. 7 Colors LED Light Photon Therapy:Blue light: Wavelength at 470nm. Be quick and effective to restrict acne inflammation, break the environment of acne, at the same time smooth skin, balance grease resulting in elimination of skin inflammation, reducing the grease secretion.Red light: Wavelength at 630nm. Stimulate cell activity, enhance the secretion and renewing of skin collagen protein. In the meantime promote the blood circulation of face and achieve deep whitening, spot fading, fine line improving under the circumstance of no skin irritation, making your skin in the active and new state everyday.Green light: Wavelength at 520nm. Calm, soothing, prevent allergy to desensitization.Purple light: Combines red and blue light, which has good effect and repairmen particularly in acne and acne spot treatment.Yellow light: Wavelength at 590nm. Add energy to the skin cells, adjust the gland function of skin and assist digestion.Cyanine light: Enhance cell energy slowly, promote metabolism.White light: Penetrate deep skin, accelerate metabolism of active tissues. Light FunctionRed (630 nm) :It will stimulate the growth of collagen.Collagen is an essential protein that used to repair damaged tissues and to repair the old tissues.It can remove fine line and shrink pores. Blue (470 nm) :bacteria in acne cintains porphyrins,because of the high affinity with wave length,the blue light is able to kill porphyrins.In addition,the blue light has calm action which is very effective for hypersensitivity. Green (520 nm):The green light can balance the color pigment,and reduce fine lines,improve ageing skin,speed up the healing process of the wound,lightening the skin. Purple : It combines red light and blue light,which has two phototheraphy effective. Particularly it has a good effect on repairing the acne. Yellow (590 nm) :It has special 590nm wavelength,so it can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells,to the skin cell to replenish their energy,decomposing pigment, promoting lymphatic drainage,improving the wrinkles,rough skin and etc. Clear Blue :It can be enhance cell energy gradually,and has a good metabolism facilitating effect.Laser :It can penetrate the skin deeply,so to accelerate the tissue metabolism,decomposition color spots,improve the appearance of fine lines and ageing skin. Specifications:Material: ABSLed Light: Blue Light, Red Light, Green Light, Purple Light, Yellow Light, Cyanine Light, White LightVoltage: 110-240VFrequency: 50/60HzColor: Pearl WhiteFacial Mask Size: Approx. 24 * 20cm / 9.4 * 7.9inchNeck Mask Size: Approx. 16 * 11cm / 6.3 * 4.3inchController Size: Approx. 12 * 6 * 2.5cm / 4.7 * 2.4 * 1.0inchPackage Weight: Approx. 1554gItem Type: LED MaskFunction: Led Light: Lighten Pigmentation, Fade Spot, Repair Skin, Deep Nutrition Package Include:1 x LED Facial Mask with Band1 x LED Neck Mask1 x Remote Controller1 x Pack Accessories1 x Power Adapter 1 x English Manual