Eveline HYALURON CLINIC Anti - Wrinkle Multiregenerating Eye & Eyelid Cream 20ml

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Eveline HYALURON CLINIC Anti - Wrinkle Multiregenerating Eye & Eyelid Cream 20mlHYALURON CLINIC series is based on synergickorm action of PRO-vitamin B5 and five forms of acid hyaluronic: 15% LAB HYALURON, crosslinked hyaluronic acid, bulk HA microspheres GLYCOHYAL LW and PatcH20. Together they create so-called. a three-dimensional stretched mesh that provides total skin rejuvenation. The multi-regenurizing eye cream and anti-wrinkle eyeliner intensifies and strengthens the skin around the eyes, demonstrating multidimensional rejuvenating effects: The combination of five forms of hyaluronic acid provides the skin with the necessary hydration and restores its silky softness. Effective ingredients: MATRIXYL MORPHOMICS® reduces wrinkles responsible for the optical effect of facial aging. CERAMIDES stimulate the skin renewal process and help restore proper skin firmness, making it more firm and flexible. PRO-VITAMIN B5 regenerates, restores youthfulness and protects against drought COFFEE CONCENTRATOR restores the freshness and relaxed look of the skin. Stimulates microcirculation strengthens and removes symptoms of fatigue and stress Nourishing AVOKADO OIL significantly smoothsand protects the skin from drought. The use: Gently tap into the cleansed skin of the eye area every morning and evening. Also suitable for make-up.