Beverly Hills Instant Facelift Under Eye Tuck Anti Ageing Wrinkles Firming Serum

# UK Best Seller~Amazing Results Wrinkle Filler~Ageless

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Mature Skin

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Beverly Hills

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Wrinkle Filler

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United States

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Regular Size

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AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE MANUFACTURER: We ARE the Owners, trademark holders and manufacturers of all Beverly Hills products, MD3 products and Killer Lashes products Globally. If you do not purchase from our listings directly, listed under either the user name markghull or eBay site name look good feel fabulous, you ARE buying a FAKE ITEM. We are registered with the eBay Vero program and take the counterfeiting of our products very seriously. Always contact us directly if you are concerned about a suspect listing and it will be removed. We have NO OTHER trading partners on eBay or any other online channel (other than Groupon or Wowcher), nor do we sell to third party buyers to resell our products. We simply don’t need to! We value your business. Whereas we are clearly flattered others wish to fake our products, we value your business.DO NOT BUY a cheaper or more expensive fake item from any other seller on this site... Beverly Hills "Liquid Miracle"Instant Facelift Serum Featured in VOGUE magazine, Beverly Hills Instant Facelift gives you the aesthetic benefits of a facelift, without the painful, costly procedure. The best part is that the effects are immediate and one application lasts for hours! In just moments after applying it, you’ll experience younger looking skin, as the product diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens, and firms.Visible results in 90 SecondsInstantly reduce fine lines & wrinkles Immediately remove under eye bags & dark circlesMix with a liquid foundation for a flawless look Contains the miracle peptide ArgirelineSafe & Effective - Made in the USAOne 30ML bottle lasts up to 3 months "This product is wonderful and does exactly what it claims to do. It gives amazing skin tightening which you can see working in just a few minutes after applying it. My staff and clients love it and it really compliments the other treatments we offer in our clinic." - Dr Linda Eve MBBS MBCAM Medical Director of Evenlines Aesthetics. Made with Veegum, an ingredient known for its tightening and firming properties, as well as nourishing minerals, Instant Facelift is the ideal product for reviving old, tired skin, whether it’s underneath your makeup as a base or used alone. Beverly Hills Instant Facelift also contains the miracle peptide Argireline. Argireline is widely known to produce significant results in anti-ageing. It’s a peptide that works like botox in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Though Argireline is one of the most widely recognized anti-ageing treatments, not all formulas may work because a precise composition of Argireline is needed to achieve maximum results. Developing the right formula is our closely guarded secret! A little product goes a long way. You can wear it underneath your makeup to create a smooth, timeless base, or alone for an effortless look. Either way, your lines are diminished, your skin is tightened and lifted, and you’re ready to look your absolute best. Instantly!This product (or any other) should not be applied to the eyelids. The skin is just way to thin.Product Use: As with all Cosmetic Products, we always recommend patch testing prior to facial use to test suitability.Everyone wants to avoid rashes and harsh reactions to new skincare products. But it is important to remember that one can react to natural ingredients, too, even when used properly. The reaction may simply be a personal or hereditary sensitivity to a plant, oil, or ingredient and doesn’t necessarily signify anything about the product or ingredient itself.HOW TO TEST FOR A REACTION: THE PATCH TESTThe easiest and most widely used method for testing the skin for a reaction is to use what is called the patch test.Apply a small amount of product to a patch of skin on the inner, lower arm. Rub it in and allow it to dry on the skin.Do not wash that area of the skin for at least 24 hours; watch for signs of a reaction.If there is no visible or tactile reaction to the product or ingredient, then it is likely that you will not react negatively to the product or ingredient when used on other portions of the body. The patch of skin can then be washed.