3% Retinol Face Cream-Serum - 20% Vitamin C, 5% Hyaluronic Acid & 2% Collagen

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Type :

Day Treatment

Volume :

50 ml

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Skin Type :

All Skin Types

Product Line :

Ayurveida Retinol Face Cream

Size Type :

Travel Size

Ingredients :

a:6:{i:0;s:10:"Vitamin B5";i:1;s:10:"Vitamion E";i:2;s:12:"Ferulic Acid";i:3;s:8:"Collagen";i:4;s:7:"Retinol";i:5;s:9:"Viatmin C";}

Period After Opening (PAO) :


Sun Protection Factor (SPF) :


Main Purpose :

a:10:{i:0;s:4:"Acne";i:1;s:18:"Age Spots/Freckles";i:2;s:9:"Blemishes";i:3;s:12:"Dark Circles";i:4;s:10:"Dark Spots";i:5;s:14:"Discolouration";i:6;s:21:"Early Signs of Ageing";i:7;s:7:"Fatigue";i:8;s:9:"Hydration";i:9;s:15:"Lifting/Firming";}

Set Includes :

a:30:{i:0;s:13:"Day Treatment";i:1;s:11:"Antioxidant";i:2;s:10:"Astringent";i:3;s:10:"Brightener";i:4;s:21:"Day & Night Treatment";i:5;s:12:"Derma Roller";i:6;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";i:7;s:11:"Line Eraser";i:8;s:11:"Mesotherapy";i:9;s:17:"Microdermabrasion";i:10;s:11:"Microneedle";i:11;s:11:"Moisturiser";i:12;s:15:"Night Treatment";i:13;s:15:"Pore Minimising";i:14;s:12:"Regenerating";i:15;s:12:"Rejuvenation";i:16;s:7:"Renewal";i:17;s:13:"Restructuring";i:18;s:11:"Skin Repair";i:19;s:8:"Smoother";i:20;s:8:"Soothing";i:21;s:5:"Toner";i:22;s:16:"Spot Removal Pen";i:23;s:17:"Under-Eye Patches";i:24;s:10:"Volumising";i:25;s:9:"Whitening";i:26;s:14:"Wrinkle Filler";i:27;s:17:"Wrinkle Minimiser";i:28;s:15:"Wrinkle Reducer";i:29;s:16:"Wrinkle Smoother";}

Brand :


UVA Protection :

Does Not Apply

Active Ingredients :

a:13:{i:0;s:9:"Green Tea";i:1;s:18:"Organic Jojoba Oil";i:2;s:10:"Zinc Oxide";i:3;s:11:"Shea Butter";i:4;s:9:"Argan Oil";i:5;s:10:"Vitamin B5";i:6;s:9:"Vitamin E";i:7;s:12:"Ferulic Acid";i:8;s:8:"Collagen";i:9;s:7:"Retinol";i:10;s:9:"Vitamin C";i:11;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";i:12;s:13:"Glycolic Acid";}

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Formulation :




Features :

a:6:{i:0;s:17:"Contains Collagen";i:1;s:24:"Contains Hyaluronic Acid";i:2;s:17:"Contains Vitamins";i:3;s:30:"Cruelty-free/No Animal Testing";i:4;s:7:"Organic";i:5;s:19:"Animal Cruelty-Free";}

Body Area :


What the Seller Says

_______AyurveidaThe Beauty of Nature_______Perfect MoisturizerAnti-aging CreamThe Highest Concentration  Retinol Face Cream - Serum ​​​​​​​- with 20% Vitamin C ,​​​​​​​ 5% Hyaluronic Acid & 2% Collagen Treat fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Encapsulation protects the retinol and enables it to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. An easily absorbed anti-aging cream suitable for most skin types with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C , and Retinol. Retinol is a cell-communicating ingredient that fights fine lines and blemishes. Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E combat hyperpigmentation and free radical damage. A high glycerin content and our finest grade of hyaluronic acid reduce transepidermal water loss. Shea butter naturally emolliates dry patches and provides a quercetin boost along with some natural sun protection. Argan oil gives skin a supple feel and a dewy look. Natural - paraben-free, no silicones, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Concentrated and long-lasting, 50ml of this Innovation Cream-Serum offers exceptional value. Our classic moisturizer with a further Retinol boost with 3% Retinol an anti-oxidant boost from stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E, B5 & Zinc Oxide.    ​​​​​​​Vitamin C     An essential anti-oxidant, vitamin C protects even the most sensitive skin against UV damage. And if the damage is already done, don’t worry – vitamin C stimulates useful collagen production, ideal for repair and restoration. Vitamin E A fat you can make friends with. Vitamin E is a clever fat soluble that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh. Ferulic Acid The best thing that ever came from bran, ferulic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents free-radical damage and stabilizes essentials like vitamin E. Hyaluronic Acid A humectant, it draws water to the surface of your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and healthily hydrated. It’s also a helpful way to make sure other ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis. Retinol  Retinol’s the ultimate in anti-aging. It’s a wrinkle-reducing, pore-tightening, fine-line-softening substance – and an excellent way to repair damaged skin.  Collagen Collagen products are thought to tighten skin, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and are often delivered to the skin in the form of a collagen serum. While the body produces its own collagen, as people age, the production of this protein slows down and the skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity. Zinc Oxide Anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, non-comedogenic and filters UVA and UVB radiation.  Gently brightens your complexion.​​​​​​​Aloe Vera An antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in one, great for soothing sore patches, relaxing spots, and even protection from harsh UV rays. 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Buyer pays for the return policy. If any item is returned, due to non-collection or incorrect address from Royal Mail a refund will be issued, deducting P&P costs (£2.72) Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. 3% Retinol Face Cream-Serum with 20% Vitamin C, 5% Hyaluronic Acid & 2% Collagen and 3% Ferulic Acid , Vitamin E, B5 - PRO ACTIVE