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10 years younger in 1 minute instant anti wrinkle cream better than moisturiser

Price: £6.50

Product Details

Brand :


Main Purpose :

a:7:{i:0;s:18:"Age Spots/Freckles";i:1;s:9:"Blemishes";i:2;s:12:"Dark Circles";i:3;s:14:"Discolouration";i:4;s:21:"Early Signs of Ageing";i:5;s:9:"Hydration";i:6;s:15:"Lifting/Firming";}

Type :

Wrinkle Filler

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What the Seller Says

Miracle Instant Facelift - deliveries are as normal Look at least 10 years younger in 1 minute with a - the more you buy the more you save, the younger you are for longer. Guaranteed Fully Refundable one Trial Sample Purchase because if this Serum was not good then we would not provide this offer. Serum first Developed in 2005 and has been improved on year by year since then. Best selling Instant Facelift on ebay with good reason. 5 times cheaper per volume than our rivals and the more you buy the more you save - they are always in stock as many as you want.FREE UK POSTAGE - No fancy packaging, no fancy advertising, no fancy prices.We also are the makers of the famous Bosom Beauty Boost the Fastest Breasts Enlarger, see my other items or (Links don't always work on the ebay app) CLICK HERE to view the Bosom Beauty Boost New extra strong formula in the form of a liquid, this is powerful stuff so only apply a little over a wide area, very skin friendly. Representing by far the best value on the internet as there is over 2 months supply per bottle with more then 100 applications. Can be used over foundation or moisturizer. Please note - if your English is bad and you can not read the instructions then contact us as this serum needs to be dabbed on and left wet as it is the drying that tightens the skin, it is impossible for it not to work when applied correctly. Normal 0 false >false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Instant facelift in a bottle - developed by gismostore. Instant full facelift, not just for under the eyes, also excellent for forehead, crows feet, even neck and chest wrinkles, eye bags. Watch your wrinkles shrink in just 1 minute - an average of 10 years of wrinkles reduction, in most cases more. Click Here to watch the Video of a typical user Click Here to watch the Video of a female user Lasts for hours, use it all the time if you wish, has absolutely no side effects. Easily 4 months worth of serum in each bottle representing amazing value. Can also be used overnight as this will permanently reduce your wrinkles as when your skin cells replace themselves they are trained to grow back smoother. Skin friendly natural ingredients will also nourish your skin as they tighten.If you are storing the serum for a long time period then it is best to freeze it as it is made from 98% natural ingredients, when frozen the serum will last for years - use within 3 months of opening.Can be worn when you are at work, or on a night out. An easy solution to an age old problem.Contents 12ml - bottle design may vary - bottle size 40mm height x 20mm diameter. Try the sample for 24 hours – if you don’t like it then send it back for a full no quibble refund.Please note, this is a serum cream, you do not rub it in as some people have been doing, it will not be as effective. You allow it to dry, this is how it tightens the skin - instructions are provided but some people are not reading them.FREE UK POSTAGE - No fancy packaging, no fancy advertising, no fancy prices.All serums will be with you in 1 to 3 working days after posting, if it is longer then THIS IS NOT MY FAULT, I do not work for Royal Mail, all I can do is post them, if they are not there in 7 days then we will send another - no missing in the post refunds are given due to fraud - apologies to genuine ebayers. You can copy and paste full instructions and ingredients at gismostore.com - also wholesale offers with great profits to be made.Do you want to become a partner and earn money through your Social Media or any other method at no cost to yourself then go to gismostore.com for details.Please note if you are the type of person that leaves negative feedback for the stupidest of reasons and with no contact then do not purchase from us - Our customer service is second to none - all sellers on ebay, you know what I am talking about - again apologies to genuine ebayers. IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR ADVICE.