Capture Totale by Christian Dior Rituel Nuit Night Time Soft Peel

A remarkable anti-aging soft peel from Christian Dior.

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At bedtime we long for softness and comfort, so our skin cells prepare to reactivate their renewal. This night peel is a unique pairing of two extraordinary formulations and revolutionary complexes — the Alpha-Longoza ComplexTM and CentulineTM. In addition to the two star technologies of Capture Totale, this lotion contains the peeling agent, gum Arabic and salicylic acid that is both effective and kind to the skin. It has a gentle resurfacing action, helping to normalize cell renewal and thus reducing the appearance of age spots. Skin is renewed and because it is naturally more permeable at this point, it can fully benefit from the performance of the Capture Totale Night Creme (CD-147). Specifically developed to target the activity of the cells at night and to prolong the performance of the day treatments, this lotion is designed to be used in synergism with the Capture Totale Night Creme.

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